Your Grooming Services

We have the experience and capabilities to fulfill all your wishes, but can also advise you about actual trends.

Standard Grooming Services

  • bath
  • ear-clean
  • dry
  • groom
  • nails cut
  • …and have fun with the other dogs

Additional Grooming Services

  • special Spa-Bath with multiple washing and conditioners
  • back & leg massage
  • anal glands
  • special cuts
  • nail coloring

To learn about the related costs, see „Costs for your Grooming Services“ in the menu on your left.

IMPORTANT: Please tell us your pets needs and your wishes!

  • Some dogs are scared about the hairdryer – please let us know.
  • Other needs a special shampoo due to allergies – please bring your own shampoo or let us know.
  • And some don’t like to play with other dogs – please let us know.
  • …and if you like to have any special treatment – please let us know.