Additional Services

We offer all kind of Services for your pet in case you have to leave for a half-day, a day, a weekend or longer.


IMPORTANT: your dog will NOT be in a cage – he/she will live together with our other dogs in a family-environment in our private home. This requires, that your dog is socially compatible with other dogs and cats, and is up to date with its shots.

To make sure, that your dog gets the food he/she is used to, we ask you to bring your own food. If you announce your food preferences in advance, we can organize this at your cost.

Treats in between are included in our services


Keep an animal active (physically and mentally) is an essential part of the health of itself. Therefore we actively engage with your dog during our walks – depending on breed, general condition and age – but give them also the needed time to relax while being at home.

Agility Training

Most breeds are willing to be engaged and to learn. Agility is a perfect instrument to keep train your dog to the next level.

Special wishes or requirements for your dog – private or in groups

Please contact us for any of the above mentioned additional services which The Paw Spa team is offering.